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At NeoTrack, we believe every child deserves the best attention when it comes to safety. No more waiting.

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What do you get?

Guaranteed PEACE of MIND for all the stakeholders involved in school bus transportation.

New-Age Tracking

Power of GPS coupled with Artificial Intelligence for efficient real time tracking

SMS/App Notifications

10 Minutes before boarding/de-boarding,
Child reached/left the school

Emergency Alerts

Alerted on bus failures, delays, emergency holidays, route or schedule changes

RFID Child Tracking

Alerts when kids board/de-board the bus, dropped at wrong point or missed their stop

Route Planning Tools

Efficient route management using smart mappings to reduce operational expenses

Real-Time Data

Very accurate (every 5 Secs) Tracking & Playback (24×7 data for past 1 year)

Work Transparency

Voice Call Alerts during delays, over-speed, area breaches, route changes, vehicle misuse

Audio/Video Surveillance

Audio and video surveillance footage to investigate any misconduct inside the bus

Why NeoTrack!

  • The system based on Artificial Intelligence can think and act itself, works inspite of many changes.
  • Intelligent algorithms ensures no human intervention & No configuration efforts
  • Pay only for the services – FREE product – No worries on any hardware investments.
  • Intelligent monitoring system ensures BEST services fail proof system @ lowest cost.
  • Available in multiple languages.
  • Increased profits through optimized routes & planning.
  • An exclusive solution for the Schools.
  • User-friendly interface (Web, Android & iOS Apps) – Anyone can use the solution in seconds.
  • Get NeoTrack Free Trial for a month.
Vehicle GPS Tracker for school management

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Schools of all sizes across India use NeoTrack to track their school vehicles and get a peace of mind.

NeoTag GPS Smart Watches

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NeoTag GPS Smart Watches & Tags keep track of your child and ensure their safety throughout the day with ease.

With an intelligent and self-adaptable tracking algorithm, NeoTag automatically learns and optimizes its tracking accuracy based on user needs. We ensure that your child is safe with much peace of mind for you at work/home.

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